Right now I'm completely obsessed by Thonet chairs. I have four boring black dining chairs and a round white dining table, and it would fit so well with black Thonet chairs .. I have two wooden chairs (copies) that I found at a flea market that I can paint black, but I need two more anyway. if there is anyone who has some that you want to get rid of so please tell me!

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  1. Blocket eller dusty deco!

    1. Tack Josefin! Det får nog bli blocket eller loppis, dusty deco är lite för pricey för mig ;)
      en fråga, visst hade du sprayat era stolar, skruvade du bort sitsen, eller täckte du bara över?

  2. Hi! I have a white table with black thornet chairs and am struggling to find the perfect pendant lamp to go with...out of curiousity what are your lamp ideas?

    1. Hi, I think it depends on how large table or how large dining area you have. Personally, I have a pretty small dining area, so I have just one light bulb with a textile cord. I still like those. But if you have a larger dining area, I think it looks good to mix in some industrial raw materials, so an old industrial lamp, I would prefer. Good luck, and hope you find someone you like. :)



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