Monday news..

Hallo! Hope you all had a great weekend! First day at school for my kid! starting in fourth grade, time flies .. and I got a little fall feeling as well.. But i´m very much look forward to this fall. I have some plans ..  

Someone told me that I'm very selective when it comes to interior design and I have an eye for good vintage finds, so why not open a store? So that´s what i´m intend to do now. I will soon open all is pretty-the shop where I will sell especially vintage, but also some interior decorations. I have already made my first order yhat will be delivered soon :)

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8 kommentarer:

  1. Spännande! Lycka till! :)

  2. Wow that sounds exciting!!! wish you all the luck with your new plans... looking forward to see your finds :-))

  3. Så otroligt roligt Annie! Det kommer bli succé! Heja heja!


  4. Wow that sounds interesting!!! would like all of you the particular good fortune together with your brand new plans... looking forward to see your discovers ::)) Flower Lace Lingerie

  5. Åh vad spännande! Det ser jag verkligen fram emot! Lycka till!



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