Since I like so many others are a single mom we do not celebrate Father's Day, we go and celebrate grandpa instead, happy sunday

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  1. Underbart citat, samma här :( hoppas dagen blir bra iallafall, Maria

    1. Tack detsamma maria, varför inte införa en single mom/dad day också, när man både är mamma och pappa ;)

  2. Children of single mums still have a father though. Father's day is not a day for married moms but for the children(whether their father are together with their mom or not) I like your blog, but this post is horrible: "choose wisely" as a statement is like telling to your child: you know: that part of you that comes from your father is wrong and has to be rejected. No grandpa can replace a father. Taking that father-child celebration away from your child is only going to provoke a trauma.
    Regards from another single mom

    1. Hi, thank you for reading my blog, I guess i was a little angry at the time, the thing is, my son don´t have a father, he left when he was 3 month, but of couse i think all fathers should be celebrated, and by fathers i mean those who cares and participate in there childrens life.

      Best regards from a abandoned mom



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